Water Quality Programs

Wyoming County Water Resources Coordinating Committee

The Wyoming County Water Resources Coordinating Committee consists of representatives of many various groups and agencies concerned about the quality and quantity of Wyoming County’s surface and groundwater. Our purpose is to help coordinate the efforts of private and commercial groups as well as local, state, federal agencies and municipalities in accomplishing our common goals and objectives through voluntary and rational approaches to maintaining and improving our water resources. image

Committee Members

*Wyoming County Soil & Water Conservation District *Cornell Cooperative Extension *Wyoming County Health Department *Wyoming County Emergency Services *Wyoming County Planning & Development *Wyoming County Board of Supervisors *Farm Bureau *Farm Service Agency *Natural Resources Conservation Service *NYS Department of Environmental Conservationimage *NYS Soil & Water Conservation Committee *Oatka Creek Watershed Committee *Silver Lake Watershed Commission *Trout Unlimited *WNY Crop Management Association

Annual Water Reports

2008 Annual Report 2009_Annual_Report.pdf 2010_Annual_Report.pdf

Water Quality Strategy


FL-LOWPA: Finger Lakes – Lake Ontario Watershed Protection Alliance

The Wyoming County Soil and Water Conservation District is a proud member of FL-LOWPA. Through this alliance, the district seeks to promote the implementation of plans that will enhance water quality. With FL-LOWPA the Wyoming County SWCD is able to undertake several local projects, share ideas and project information, and collaborate with other counties.

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Lake Monitoring

Silver Lake Monitoring

(CLICK IMAGES TO VIEW LARGER) Silver Lake is nestled within the towns of Perry and Castile. The lake is used by many for boating, fishing, recreation, and is a water source for three townships. Monitoring on Silver Lake begun in the early 1990s and has continued annually. Each year water samples are taken from the lake and from surrounding tributaries to monitor the quality of the water. Results are then added to a database to look at developing trends and are presented to the Silver Lake Watershed Commission. 08-09_Monitoring_Report.doc

Silver Lake Watershed Maps

Silver_Lake_Watershed.pdf Silver_Lake_Watershed_Aerial_Photo.pdf Silver_Lake_Watershed_Land_Use.pdf Silver_Lake_Watershed_Wetlands.pdf Silver_Lake_Watershed_Topography.pdf