Technical Assistance to Municipalities


Erosion control, water management, water quality, soils and drainage

$50.00/hr. or $50.00 min. (may also include appropriate permit fees)

Before and After pictures of a waterline in the Village of Attica

Technical Assistance for Agriculture

Erosion control, drainage, water quality, waste management for owner/operator

No Charge

Other resource or planning information, etc. for consultants and/or CAFO planners

$50.00/hr. or $50.00 min.

Land Classification for Agricultural Value Assessment


Technical Assistance for Ponds

Initial Soils Data from Soil Survey or other Resource Information


No Charge

Preliminary Site Review to Assess General Conditions

No Charge

Evaluation of Soil Test Pits and/or Detail Site Report






Truck/operator (billed by County Highway Dept.)

Approx. $82.00/hr

Plus cost of seed, mulch, fertilizer, etc. (billed by SWCD)

Approx. $1200.00/acre

Stream/Wetland Disturbance Permits

Projects authorized under SWCD General Permit

$150.00 /project application

Assistance with applications, maps, designs and all follow-up work for NYS DEC stream permits

$150.00 /project application

NYSDEC Wetland Permit Applications

$150.00 /project application

Mining & Mined Land Reclamation Plans

Includes plan, survey, maps, permit applications, environmental assessments, all follow-up, etc.

$500.00 (1-5 acres) ($250.00 each additional 5 acres)

Revisions and renewals of existing Mining Plans prepared by the District

$250.00 each additional 5 acres

Revision and renewals of plan prepared by others shall be charged the current planning fees.

$50 per hour

Interpretation of Resource Information

Includes information and maps pertaining to soils, wetlands, aquifers, flood plain areas, conservation planning, conservation recommendations for proposed projects, design reviews, etc.

Landowner/Operator (For information pertaining to his/her own property)

No Charge

Commercial/Business Consultants, Real Estate Agents, Developers, etc.

$50.00/hr. or $50.00 min.

Site Reviews

Site developments for new construction


Stormwater management plans and reviews

$50.00 minimum